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Matilda‘s strange way of living

June 30, 2020

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery – air, mountains, trees, people. I thought

This is what it is to be happy,
Sylvia Plath

I think the best way to get to know yourself is through contact with nature. Walking in the open air, touching nature, such an immense and mysterious being, with ours hands, small and fragile, is like a paradox. Since I was a child I’ve always had a very special relationship with nature: I grew up between animals and the countryside, between walks in the woods and snow in the mountains; I immediately learned to respect what was below me, tiny and alive, and what was above me, infinite and powerful. I was careful not to crush the little ants that tried to go home safely, those little creatures who carry crumbs of food every day that are twice their weight, who respect their tasks for protect their anthill, their home. Ants are like miniature human beings: they work tirelessly, everyone has their duties and respects them, they protect the weakest and form an alliance against the dangers of the outside world. I was fascinated by the beating heart of nature. Me as a child was careful not to harm any living thing, including mosquitoes. What many don’t know is that mosquitoes are as useful to this planet as bees. Yes, you read that right: mosquitoes are pollinating insects, and if one day they disappear the planet would suffer a lot. This however isn’t a scientific article, it’s an article that concerns my strange lifestyle, my being an ant in a world of giants, so I’ll try to talk briefly and concisely about what inspires me daily and how I live at best my days. I’ll succeed? Hard question. 

For those who don’t know me I introduce myself:
my name is Matilda but I don’t have magical powers like Matilda Wormwood, I’m 19 years old and I try to live life in the best possible way, day by day, carpe diem, grab the day, so seize the moment, the fleeting moment, like had said Horace, and I follow this maxim literally! I’m sure that when the time to send a curriculum or to do a job interview comes, this will be my presentation. I’m a girl who since childhood was considered strange for her way of thinking and acting. I find the word strange fascinating: in Italian it’s said “strano” and comes from the Latin word “extraneus“. Being strange means being different, being special, unique, being yourself. If someone call you strange, take it as a compliment, it means that you are a superhero!

Well, now let’s talk about the real topic of this article. 

What is a lifestyle?

A lifestyle is a way of being that differs from person to person and includes personality, personal interests, thinking, tastes, the way a person want to live. Everyone can define his lifestyle as he sees fit.

How do I define my lifestyle?

Strange but special.

When they ask me what kind of person I am I always answer that I’m an old soul: my interests are literature, art, vintage objects, old family stories, nature, rain, walks in the forest, gloomy autumn days and tea. I love collecting old objects that have had a past history and that thanks to me have the opportunity to experience another; I like to write poems and thoughts in black ink on paper; I look at the sky with my head in the clouds during a rainy day; I’ve boxes of dry leaves, pine cones and acorns. I’m an anxious person who is most likely agoraphobic, in fact I can’t stand crowded places like markets, shopping centers or post offices; I love spending time alone, but when it comes to getting out of the house, the word “alone” becomes a problem. I’m very introverted, I struggle to relate to new people, especially if these are the opposite of me. I prefer animals to humans, managing to have a sensible conversation with my four-legged friends rather than with a guy of my age. My philosophy is that of the living and lets live: I don’t eat meat or fish, I respect all living beings; I’m an extremely sensitive person who is capable of crying in front of a dramatic movie or in front of a documentary about animals; I love watching people and imagining their life in the present and their hypothetical life in past ages (I assure you it is a very fun pastime).
My way of being happy is to appreciatelove and desirethe little things that life offers me. Those who know me well know how happy makes me rainy days, sweaters and autumn: a gray, cold and rainy October day, a cozy blanket on my legs and a cup of hot tea warm my soul. A day in the woods to collect mushrooms and dry leaves with my family lightens my heart. The time I spend playing with my animals makes me forget all the bad things, those obstacles that sometimes happen in everyone’s life. One afternoon in my grandparents’ house talking about the old days with a piece of apple pie makes me carefree. A walk in a poppy field with my best friend makes me want nothing more.

My lifestyle is simple, genuine, old and therefore strange. I don’t like things that are too complicated, too big, I prefer the simplicity of a life lived not in search of happiness, but of a life lived in living those little moments of happiness and light-heartedness that happen to everyone and that are special because they are unexpected and never banal.

A healthy and happy lifestyle means appreciating the little things.

“Little things please little minds.” 


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