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2o halloween outfit ideas

October 27, 2019

A few days ago I asked my booksters on the gram for some Halloween costume inspo and I really want to share all their (and a lot of mine, too;-) ) creative thoughts with you …

  1. Wednesday Adams /the Adams family
  2. Dracula (a little basic, I know)
  3. Bubbletea (yup. One of my favourites)
  4. Sabrina
  5. Hermione
  6. Caroline (a childhood trauma of mine)
  7. mid-century witch
  8. evil Alice (like ivy.booknerd)
  9. Sally Shock (that’s what I’m gonna be)
  10. disney villian
  11. clown
  12. Frankestein’s monster
  13. sad twins (need a bestie for it)
  14. ghost
  15. pumpkin man /woman /human
  16. giantic popcorn
  17. lorelai gilmore (not really scarry, huh)
  18. dead Juliet (romeo and juliet)
  19. Jack Skeleton
  20. Frankenstein himself

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