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5 reasons why you should read Ramona blue by Julie Murphy

May 3, 2020

first of all: glad you made it here 🙂 hope you’re doing fine!
just fulfilling my blogger duties with telling you

  • you’re great
  • you should definitely drink some water
  • and you better read Ramona blue before you ever talk to me again
  • I’m being very serious about point three (also about one and two)
  • did I already say that you FUCKING HAVE TO READ RAMONA BLUE?
    why? you ask? well, let me tell you you *put insulting word that often is used in connection to people who have a really unhealthy relationship with their mother aka oedipus*

reason one:

unfortunately we can’t go swimming (for obvious reasons) yet which is … well bullshit right?
so if you miss it only half as much as I do you FUCKING HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!
it made me feel like floating in a world full of blue haired girls and their pregnant sisters (sounds awful but is actually pretty neat)

reason number two:

bisexual representation.
that is all I gotta say.

the third reason:

y’all know “dumplin”? sure you do.
it was super hyped in social media and then there was an adaption with JENNIFER FRICKIN ANNISTON on Netflix.
now you remember, huh?
tbh I wasn’t that much of a fan … I loved the first 200 pages but then it got all weird an….well it’s not this books review I’m writing here, is it?
anyway I was sort of surprised when I found out they are by the same author because they’re so different! or……. not. they actually weren’t that different at all when I think about it.
sure, one’s about a beautiful fat girl with an asshole of a mother who participates in one of these hella sexist beauty contest and the other is about a queer girl being confused about falling for a boy for the first time while trying to keep her broken family together (I think I broke it down to its basic lol)
still there’re things that overlap. which is nor bad. at all.

la reason number four

I think at the moment we could all use a good happy end.
and not this is not a spoiler.
or maybe it is.
if you want to find out you should FUCKING READ THIS BOOK.


hug. five already?
so I assume you all know about hurricane Katrina?
if not you maybe could read something about the people that were impacted by it the most.
like…..maybe you could read…this book?

here’s the blurb :)) stay safe dears ♡

Ramona was only five years old when Hurricane Katrina changed her life forever. Since then, it’s been Ramona and her family against the world. Standing over six feet tall with unmistakable blue hair, Ramona is sure of three things: she likes girls, she’s fiercely devoted to her family, and she knows she’s destined for something bigger than the trailer she calls home in Eulogy, Mississippi.But juggling multiple jobs, her flaky mom, and her well-meaning but ineffectual dad forces her to be the adult of the family. Now, with her sister, Hattie, pregnant, responsibility weighs more heavily than ever.The return of her childhood friend Freddie brings a welcome distraction. Ramona’s friendship with the former competitive swimmer picks up exactly where it left off, and soon he’s talked her into joining him for laps at the pool.But as Ramona falls in love with swimming, her feelings for Freddie begin to shift too, which is the last thing she expected. With her growing affection for Freddie making her question her sexual identity, Ramona begins to wonder if perhaps she likes girls and guys or if this new attraction is just a fluke.Either way, Ramona will discover that, for her, life and love are more fluid than they seem.

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