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A cityguide /Zurich

August 29, 2019

Heyyy to all the amazing people! I’m writing this while the sun goes down over the Switzer alps, and soft piano music floats through the open window. It’s kitschy as hell. 28-hours ago I still was in Zurich, and, well … let’s say it’s not my favourite city. At all. Everything is just too big. Too chirpy. Too expensive. And, sorry but the people I’ve met, weren’t really nice. Buuuuut after like four hours we found something that was pretty cool, and so:

The Viadukt /Shopping

Actually we’ve searched out thousands of second stores on the internet, but it turned out it isn’t THE best idea, to go vintage shopping in Zurich 🙁 What means that we (my mama and me) went a litte haphazard through the city. But thenwe found this cute street by accident and holly peperony! Lucky us: I bought a beautyfull blue-white dress and had a lotof fun taking photos in this extraordinary location. Here‘s the website.

Babu’s bakery and coffeehouse /Lunch and breakfast

When we arrived we just were SOOOO hungry! And we went from one cafè to another but either they did not have a good vegan offer or there was no place left until … I found BABU’S and I just have to say how delicous the tomato soup was. Consequently we decided to that we’ll have breakfast there tomorrow. What luck! The breakfast was even better! Just two words: Vegan porrigde. With maple sirup. I’m dyiiiiiiing. It was way to yummy. By the way, the location is pretty nice, too.
I could only find the German website.

Hopefully this post helps you to have a better time in Zurich then I had 🙂
Love, peace and pancakes, Emily

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