a guide to autumn //part II

September 1, 2020

I know I wrote one last year but, in my humble opinion, my writing skills have evolved quite a bit over the past twelve months.
also, way more important and a bit less arrogant, I’ve read different books this year, like different things now and well… I simply changed. I’m a teenager after all.

seven books to read in autumn ☞ for you

these are the books I loved to read in the changing season or I simply imagine to be nice while the world prepares to wear its brown coat, but I had the pleasure of consuming in winter, spring or summer.
this list mostly contains classics and gothic literature.

seven books I’ll read in autumn ☞ my tbr

these are books I haven’t read yet but I’m sure I’ll enjoy in the upcoming months (together with many more; considering I read ca. one book a day)

  • We’ve Always Lived In The Castle ☞ Shirley Jackson
  • Rebecca ☞ Daphne du Maurier
  • Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl ☞ Harriet Ann Jacobs
  • Loveless ☞ Alice Oseman (who’s actually one of my favorite authors so it’s rather odd that I haven’t read her latest novel yet)
  • Dracula ☞ Dacre Stoker & J. D. Baker
  • Flux ☞ Orion Carloto
  • Milk and Honey ☞ Rupi Kaur

five autumnal shows to watch ☞ for you

  • penny dreadful ☞ dark, horror, literature
  • Gilmore Girls ☞ fluffy, family, small town
  • The Umbrella Academy ☞ superhero, family, dark
  • The End Of The Fucking World ☞ love, dark, teenagers
  • I’m not okay with this ☞ love, superhero, friendship
  • sherlock ☞ gorgeous.
  • good omens ☞ demons, angels, doomsday

three autumnal shows and movies I’ll watch ☞ my watchlist

  • penny dreadful
  • portrait of a lady in flames
  • dairy girls

three autumnal movies to watch ☞ for you

  • darkest shadows ☞ Helen Bonham McCarter, Jonny Depp & more by Tim Burton
  • crimson peak ☞ tom hiddleston & more by Guillermo del Toro
  • imitation game ☞ Keira knightly, Benedict cumber patch & more by Morten Tyldum

eight activities ☞ during a pandemic

  • star gazing — the perfect corona activity: outside, no other people needed and you actually have a chance of seeing something due to less air pollution (there’s still light pollution, so I suppose it’s a bit better when you’re at the countryside)
  • long walks trough golden forests, finding mushrooms, suspecting little magical creatures around every corner
  • indoor picknicks — just make some tea, cookies (recipe here) and grab a book & a cosy blanket
  • getting lost in a library; with a mask.
  • looking for the perfect shaped leaves and starting a herbarium
  • visting a pumpkin patch
  • designing a halloween costume. like actual designing.
  • go to BLM protests. because black lives matter. always. this is not autumnal. this is fucking important and I’m trying to get this into this pretty head of yours while I got your attention.

three autumnal snacks ☞ vegan as always

  • ghost cookies; I’ll post a recipe for them soon
  • cinnamon latte with oat milk
  • porridge with oat milk, Tahina and organic apples

two playlists ☞ made by me, for us

these aren’t new, so you might know them already, but I still treasure them very much and I hope you can enjoy them too.

with this soundtrack I now leave you alone with most wonderful time of the year.
Stay safe, brave and cosy,

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