an homage to the Neil Gaiman bookverse

August 11, 2020

“What I say is, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it’s got a bookstore, it knows it’s not foolin’ a soul.” 

Neil Gaiman

I wanted to start this article, this love letter to stories told so very beautiful, with a quote that is just as true as amusing.
because well, that sums up the Neil gaimanish writing style pretty well.
otherworldly and yet never arrogant.
pictorial and vivid but somehow never too much.
I suppose you could say he’s my favourite, living, male identifying author.
how comes that so?
because his books have been there for me since the very beginning.


My first gaiman experience was rather traumatic.
it was a lazy, rainy day, I might have just turned six (it was autumn so) and I was at my cousin’s place. for the following tale you must know that my cousins are older than me (and both boys) which meant that I always looked for ways to impress them and, more importantly: show them that I am just as brave.
also: I haven’t watched any kind of tv or film yet.
i think you all know what’s coming but I’ll continue this anyway, hoping to make you smile a bit about this very unhappy day in my life that now brings me joy.
my aunt loves cartoons.
and she loves the public library.
so she borrowed this critically acclaimed movie, which was recommended for children six and up, thinking her children might enjoy it.
and we did enjoy it.
at the beginning at least.
the Movie we watched was called Coraline and I can still see the Beldam when I close my eyes.

the ocean at the end of the lane

four years have passed and I’m about to read one of the best books out of pure boredom.
It’s often said that boredom brings the best things in our life and in this case I couldn’t agree more.
we all have them.
these books that completely change you.
well perhaps complete change is the wrong wording to use here.
it never changed me, it just showed me parts of myself I didn’t know then.
it showed me magic and terror.

norse mythology

we just moved to the countryside, in the deepest of winter, having a 1 1/2 hour drive to my school, often trough snowstorms and winter winds.
and what could be more fitting than listening to a good old audiobook that sweetens this bitter time?
and what would be better than Norse Mythology, newly written by my dad’s favourite author. I’ve always had an quite unhealthy obsession with mythology but these stories catapulted it on a whole other level of nerdism.


Still living at the countryside and remembering our previous gaiman joys we jumped right into this dark tale of braveness and underground London.
and what a Journey it was.
His words have a way of atmosphere that is unique in it’s ease.
somehow they take you down down down, spinning you around in your own thoughts.
that is also what I loved so much about the ocean at the end of the lane.
you never feel like you’re being told a story.
The characters, the plot, the words are already inside you, waiting to be discovered and put in order.

American Gods

this book is the very favourite of so many which i definitely understand —it’s just beautiful!! however, as much as I love it, i cannot say that it would be my favourite. It’s a bit haphazard and just … a lot of story.
there’s nothing to add to that statement I suppose.

good omens

this one is rather unusual; but I watched the gorgeous show before I actually started reading it! I know right?
in my defence, and to your all shock, I didn’t like terry pretchet before I started GO.
oh how a terrible one can be.
This book is just wondrous.
also it’s very gay.

the graveyard book

meant to be a children’s book this one is my father’s dearest.
Which is totally understandable, considering what a masterpiece it is.
If I overhear anyone claiming this is a book for toddlers …
… they are right but also wrong.
It’s a book for everyone, child or boring [well that’s a weird thing to say if you think about how bored I am whenever I meet up with people my age huh?].
anyway. read it.

so …
I hope you liked this nerdy lil post!
stay safe + brave my fellows

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