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Ghibli Night

September 23, 2019

I’m a BIG fan of studio ghibli films. Like the BIGGEST. But a lot of people don’t even know what studio ghibli is, what makes me very, very sad. Lucky me, the most of my friends love Totoro and Co. as much as I. And because we are all terrible fangirls, we decided to host a movie night every month from now. Also, one of them didn’t know anime AT ALL what is an absolutely unaspectable circumstance. And now I’m bored and tired and I’m alone at home what means that I’m writing something like a retrospect of saturday evening:

6:03 pm

We actually wanted to start at this time.

6:26 pm

Elayne has finaly stopped to throw pillows after everyone who dares to move. But I’ve suddenly forgoten how to use the controler.

6:30 pm

After I had paniced and called my father, we finally watched Totoro. Then Grypfox (MY CAT) started to fart.

8:05 pm

The endcredits are way to adorable. Also it turns out that I’m really, really bad in making Onigiri.

8:26 pm

We decidede to order Sushi–but nobody knew how to.

8:40 pm

We finally orderd sushi! The app said it would take 1 hour 4 minutes to deliver.

8:44 pm

We’re watching Ponyo. Ginny (another cat) made weird sounds, everytime the fish Ponyo appears.

9:11 pm

The door rang. I opend it–SUSHI!!!!

9:30 pm

After we finished eating we started Ponyo again. WITH MORE FOOD!

10:30 pm

Everyone was a little tired already because we’ve been walking all day (it was a friday, guys. Friday like in Fridays for future …) but we still wanted to watch something.The question was: what?! Some of us wanted to watch Chihiro, some Mononoke and I really wanted Kiki’s little delivery service–even if there was no way to watch it because literally no one has found it … At the end Mononoke was playing.

11:0000000000000OOOOOOooooooooo pm

Mononoke was WAY to exciting for us sleepy human beings. So we stopped at the middle of a war-scene and went brushing our theets. Actually we are all super tired (typicall teenie, being tired at 11pm, huh?) buuuut we still have to watch howl’s moving castle.


Elayne was sleeping. Fanny was sleeping. The other Fanny iwas sleeping. It’s just Paulina, Helene and me. We stopp the movie and …zzzzzzzzzz

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