how to clean up your room in 30 minutes

November 20, 2019

I’m a very tidy person. I like it when things have their place and everything is minimalistic and fits my aesthetic. But on the other hand I’m super lazy and want to spend my time with important stuff (like blogging. And cuddeling my cats. And reading Oscar Wilde while eating lots of homemade vagan brownies) so it’s no wonder that I want cleaning to be fast and uncomplicated. And that’s how I do it:

#1 music

As you may know I love making playlists and other useless things on spotify. Well, and of course I have cleaning playlist I always listen to when I have to tidy up my room … So turn up the music and danc…clean. I mean clean. What else?

#2 stack

Make a sweater stack. A book stack. A weird stuff stack. You see, this list could go on and on and on and on and and on and on an…I guess you know what I mean. Just make stacks, I promise, it will make verything way more easier.

#3 tidy out

Now place the thousand stacks on different surfaces (e.g. desk, chest of drawers, bed, etc.). And then make the music even louder. Think about which things make you happy (a la marie kondo) and do everything you don’t need anymore on one giant heap. But please, don’t throw it away! First think about this:

  • Is it broken? Yes: Throw it away :-(. No:
  • Do you think other people would find joy in it? Yes: Sell it at a fleemarket or a second hand shop. No: Donate, donate, donate.

#4 vacuuming

When everything is at its place, take the next vacuum cleaner you find (it’s probaly in the kitchen or spit chamber 🙂 ) and erase all your former skin particles (disgusting but true) from your beautyful room …

Stay cozy witches,

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