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how to feel like a character in a Donna Tartt novel

September 28, 2020

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hey children of the moon, friends of the literary and lovers of the forest.
I hope you’re doing well.
Chances are, that you, reading this very lines a) consider yourself dark academic and b) adore Donna Tartt’s bibliography.
her books are especially famous for their eerie yet somewhat cosy atmosphere, that inspires one to be as ambitious and individual as possible.
lately I’ve been looking for ways to include these very

beara beara

beara beara, a beautiful brand from the U.K., was kind enough to provide me the most gorgeous backpack I now use whenever my academic chores (Highschool is wild…) or the forest call me. also they were so generous to give everyone who uses my code ck10 when checking out an extra 10% until the 7th of October 2020.
from books to snacks, everything will find it’s place in this magical bag.
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☞ spend your time both studying and in nature

take a stroll through a misty forest, brown leaves crunching under your boots, a crows cries in distance. let your thoughts wander to the most curious places, find peace and calmness. this beautiful world we live in inspired each and every piece of art one can think of, so let it help you too.

☞ start traditions

and by that I don’t mean patriarchy but Monday dinners, as the gang celebrated.
do a daily ritual, wether that’s making your bed or weekly get aways with your friends to their aunts holiday house where you experiment with drugs to find the sense of life. just try to not kill a farmer while in trance, yes?


don’t we all wish to escape our own reality for a bit longer? to float into our favourite stories and hug our dear book character friends?
with gunndeancandle one gets a bit nearer that dream. use my code COSY10 to get an extra 10% when checking out your order.
shop noraa’s candles here:

black tea

whenever I feel powered out, I make myself a cup of tea, sit by the window and watch the sky kiss the earth, slowly drowning it in its love.

☞ challenge yourself, constantly

believe in yourself, try something new every day, stimulate your brain.
the best way of selfceare is learning. only this way and this way only one can ever even begin to compare to our favourite Henry.

☞ take a rest; Tartan Blanket & CO.

while studying is important, we all need to rest every now and then. cuddle up with one of these tartan blankets from recycled wool, read a littel, listen to the rain. even Francis did so, I’m sure.
shop my blanket.

find joy in the little things

waking up to rain. cuddling with your cat. eating the perfect soft cookie. hug someone dear. buy a book. go to a museum.

hope you liked this short and rather fluffy post and found a tiny piece of inspiration between the letters.
stay safe, brave and cosy,

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