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how to make your room more hygge

January 8, 2020


  1. a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

/Cambrigde Dictionary

first of all, I’m just a random kiddo who really likes blogging and telling people what I do. So please don’t assume that I’m always right. Because I’m definitely not. Also there’re many ways to be right when it’s a question of style. Well, and this article is about aesthetic and it’s a fact that everyone has their own.

#1 find your aesthetic

It’s a never ending process … but there are a few things which are really helping me on my way:

  • Pinterest is probably one of my favorite social media. I really enjoy scrolling throw all these beautiful photos and Create thousands of moodboards! (we’ll come back to Pinterest in another post if you want to)
  • lists. Obviously. So I just wrote some list about stuff I like. It ended up looking like:
    1. beige …
    2. beige.
    3. beige!
    4. beige?
    5. booooooooooks

#2 tidy out

I even wrote a whole blogpost about cleaning up your room but … here we go again. I guess it’s different this time. When you’re tiding out you should be aware your aesthetic but NEVER EVER limit yourself through it. That’s not the idea of an aesthetic! You should look what you really like, what’s important to you or what you just need. I asked every pice some questions:
1. are there any important memories I connect with you?
2. do I need you?
3. do you fit my aesthetic (like in: are you beige/autumnal/bookish/witchy/arty?

after that I look at all this stuff I just decided to banish from my life and think:
1. is there someone else who may still finds joy in you?
2. is there someone who would need you?
3. is there someone who’d pay money for you? lol I sound like a pimp

and then I gift, donate or sell the stuff 🙂

#3 buy new (or don’t?)

When your aesthetic is minimalistic you probably won’t need more but maybe baby there still something that makes you think: HOLLY PEPPERONI (the shipping name for Tony + Pepper from Ironman) I NEED YOU SO BADLY! And when you can afford it … buy it! There a few things I really love to own and that are really making my room more cozy & hygge

a map from mapiful
candles (scented or not)
inward facing books
nerdy prints
a phases of the moon garland from urban outfitters
pillows all over your bed

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