last (last like in LAST) minute gifts for your friends

December 23, 2019

OMFPS! (Oh My Fucking Potato Salad) tomorrow is christmas eve. I’ll repet it slowly for the guys in the last row: T O M O R R O W I S C H R I S T M A S E V E. right. Wait, not right! I only have two presents but a billion people who defintely should get one. AAAAAAAAAAAH. What shall I do?

possible answer #1:

stalking. Well, just cyber stalking. Check your friends pinterest, social media etc. and look what they’re saving /liking. And then, my dear reader, go a little thrift shopping. Like, hey XY seems to like antique candleholders, maybe I should get one for her/him/them.

possible answer #2:

lying. Like, “oh! I’m so, so sorry, I ordered something for you and it didn’t come in time!” and then order something.

possible answer #3:

DIY. They’re 100000000 youtube tutorials for handmade jewelery bowls and co. Just watch them all and you probaly have still no idea and you will return to #1 or #2. like I did.

possible answer #4:

Handcrafting (for real this time). But please just do this for your realtives because it would be a bit weird to give your bff a handpainted calendar she/he/they will never look at again.

possible answer #5:

This is something for desperate souls who have literally no other idea. Give them something from your own you know they’ve been loving for a long time *sniffs*. That’s the way I lost my favourite T-Shirt, by the way.

And after this depressing possibility I’m pretty sure I’ll go thrift shopping & stalking. bye.

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