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my three favourite November outfits

November 5, 2019

Can’t believe October is allready gone … BUT NOW IT’S NOVEMBER! THE MELANCHOLIC MONTH! YES! This screams after beige sweaters and oversized cardigans (like everything in my life). And you know who’s the beigeaholic here, don’t you? News flash: me. I know, some of you think Autumn left with its favourite child October, but I can tell, it doesn’t. So it’s time to pull out all your cozy clothes and start binge watching Gilmore Girls. If you haven’t allready.

By the way, this article includes UNPAID advertisement.

#1 Vintage dress, black pullover and DocMartens

When my best friend saw this dress at Pick&Weight she obviously bought it. And because she’s the kindest of souls, she said, I could borrow it from time to time!

I was looking for a simple, cute pullover for ages when I finally found this beauty at COS.

DocMartens are classy, bold and an absolutely all time favourite of mine. I’m just a littel anoyed that everyone seems to have them right now, because it used to be my thing … not selfish, huh?

#2 Nerd t-shirt and designer Jeans

I actually don’t have that expensive clothes but … seeing a freaking ACNE JEANS at a vintage store in London that is TOTALLY MY SIZE AND COSTS “ONLY” 100 ₤! And a”summon demons” t-shirt? Is there really a need to explain this?

actually took a super adorable photo with my friends camera … and she didn’t managed to send it to me yet 🙂 I’ll add it as soon as I get it …

#3 Flares and sweaters

Since my father gave me these trousers I was eyeing at ZARA and my mother two super autumnal sweaters for my birthday I wore them non-stop.

This beauty here is from American Vintage (same problem with the photos here)

Stay witchy and enjoy the sweather weather, Emily

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