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July 2, 2020

now that’s the 2th of July and all the brands stopped posting rainbows I wanted just to share my favorite lgbtquia+ books and make your tbr pile even bigger!!
stay safe n brave my guys

  1. We are okay /Nina laCour
  2. Aristoteles and Dante discover the secrets of the universe /Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  3. they both die at the end /Adam silvera
  4. pumpkin heads /rainbow Rowell
  5. i was born for this /Alice oseman
  6. laura dean keeps braking up with me /Mariko Tamaki
  7. ramona Blue /Judie Murpy
  8. red white and royal blue /Casey mcQuiston
  9. heartstopper /Alice oseman
  10. the perks of being a wallflower/Stephen chbosky
  11. the color purple /Alice Walker
  12. orlando /Virginia woolf
  13. Carmilla /J. Sheridan le Fanu
  14. the wicker king /k. Ancrum
  15. an absolutely remarkable thing /hank green
  16. the henna wars /adiba jaigirdar
  17. the 57 Bus /Dashka Slater
  18. Loveless /Alice Oseman
  19. the Poet x /Elisabet Acevedo
  20. the picture of Dorian Gray /Oscar wilde
  21. the Song of achilles /Madeline Miller
  22. what if it’s us? /Adam silvera
  23. i wish you all the best /mason deaver
  24. red, white and royal blue /Casey McQuiston
  25. black leopard, red Woolf /marlon James
  26. full disclosure /camryn garret
  27. the stars and the blackness between them /junauda petrus
  28. genderqueer /Maia Kobabe
  29. dreadnought (nemesis 1) /April Daniels
  30. These Witches Don’t Burn /Isabel sterling

when titles are written like this it means that they’re own voice
when they’re written like this it means they’re written by allies
and when written like this I haven’t read them yet………..

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