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the best scones of my life //a recipe

May 31, 2020

now that I found it, I could actually die.
because I did.
I found it.
the perfect scone recipe.


  • 210 g or 1 2/3 cups organic spelt flour
  • 210 g or 1 2/3 cups organic wheat flour
  • 5 teaspoons of tartar
  • 300 g or 2 cups organic Yoghurt (I took sheep yoghurt since I try to avoid cow milk products)
  • 100 g or 1/2 cup of very soft organic butter (I took something I think is only available in Germany called vegan block)
  • 20 g organic + fairtrade Vanillin sugar
  • 80 g organic sugar
  • a pinch of salt

further doing

mix the ingredients together and bake them with 220 °C for around 20 minutes.

by the way: they taste amazing together with a little tea + clotted cream while they’re still warm.

stay safe and cosy,

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