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the chilling adventures of Sabrina /a review with a lot of spoilers

May 1, 2020

+++ spoiler ahead +++

When you’re reading this I hope you already watched the series — otherwise you definitely should see a doctor. masochistic behavior is serious and taking your own joy is never a good idea.
anyway, I absolutely loved the first season of CAOS since it’s basically an all autumn show — which sounds perfect to my little October obsessed heart …

there is no coming back after you scroll further. you will read spoilers. major spoilers. okay have fun

season one

“In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween…”

yeah, indeed, it does. and this is probably reason number one why I love this series so much.
Sabrina was an absolute love of the first sight for me — witches, speaking cats and amazing actors …
even if I wasn’t exactly a fan of the demons or the dark lord — they just reminded me of a austrian and bavarian dance tradition, where men run around with handcrafted masks to scare the evil ghosts of winter away *buuuuhuuuu*
except for batibat who was sort of creepy i wouldn’t consider this series as horror BUUUUT there was one very scarry thing: nick.
i seriously hate him. how can anyone possibly like him?
especially sabrina like duuude you’ve got harvey here. harvey cute. harvey smart. harvey funny. and she be like: nooo, i choose nicholas fucking scratch because he’s…
wha, sabrina? what is he?
but as ms. wardwell once so beautiful said:

“Who doesn’t enjoy a good scare every now and again? Especially this time of year.”

fun fact:
when i first saw auntie zee and hilda i thought they were a couple living this lesbian cottage witch dream. turns out they are just sisters murdering each other.

season two

so sabrina broke up with harvey *sighs* and goes to this weirdly objectifying party where the school arranges the hooking up for their horny teenis?! wtf?
theeeeeeen she kills nick’s familiar who also was kind of his mother AFTER he told her that he already killt this familiar (who was jealous or something) and now she basically has to sleep with him because nicky nicky is so saaaad.
yeah. right. confusing isn’t it?
in other news she’s really really powerful now and does all that badass witch stuff and you be like: sabrina is so strong could she be any stronger?
the answer is yes. pretty much so.
some coward angels /weird witch hunters come to murder our little witches and warlocks while their misogyinistic high priest goes to his honeymoon with his wifey zelda spellman (that happend too–the bad dracula imitation founded a super dumb club for MeN’s ONly that is called the judas society … judas…like his son. #dadgoals AND married autie zee)
where were we? the diabolic angels right? well, they actually manage to slaughter some of the witches and shackel them together in the school’s chirch (that is now christian) BUUUUUT sabrina comes to save them (even if she was expelled) and turns into dark phoenix with billie eilish style eyes and a really weid voice.
she forces the angels to convert into the church of night but while they speak the words the die *aaaawwww* afterwards she brings her pals back to life and heals ambrose …
enjoying her new powers she controls the weather and gives her bestie roz the abbility to see again :))) also she throws a huge party with her boyfriend nicky (where both mortals and witches are invited) because she belives in a world where everyone can live + love happily together
what a wild ride

somehow she decides to reveal her powers to her baxter high classmates aka flying down from the rooftop … clever.
standing there she looks down and sees harvey and theo (who used to be called suzie) running towards her in panic: “if you ever loved come down now” harvey screams and well well well of course brina does what her ex wants …
turns out her friends found something terrible down in the mines: a mosaic showing np one else but our white haired witch opening the doors of hell and starting the apocalypse. uuuups.
and now things are starting to get really fast and crazy.
there’s singing.
i hate singing.
i fucking love this series but I HATE MUSICALS WITH ALL MY BRAIN. The last two of my braincells be like: musicals. we don’t like em.
At least there was an amazing scene with roz, theo and harvey-harv and it had so much potential! so much! but they gave it away for … singing …

season three

the last to episode of season two should have been a warning.
don’t watch the third part.
please don’t.
it’s awful.
it destroys the entire story.
just let it be.
believe me.

bye bye for now ♡ take care and stay safe, Emily

Why, oh, why am I suddenly craving a cheese sandwich?

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  • Reply herlibraryofspells May 18, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    I loved CAOS but for me the third season was thrash too! I waited more than 4 months for a destroyer of the whole story…:(((( And Nick isn’t cute at all, Sabrina better chose Harvey or at least being single… And the whole thing with the evil pagans was really awkward… In conclusion, the third season was horrible… :(((((((

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