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The Cozy (christmas) Diary #4

November 23, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeear!? Well, at least the most strenuous. Year after year the same questions: Will she/he/they like it? Is it boring? Didn’t I give him/her/them the same thing last year (less common, but it happend. Don’t ask.)?
But the rescue is at hand: Here it is–the offical cozy kingdom’s guide to the perfect present for your loved ones (tockgttppfylo)!

For fwends

opportunity I. spying

When you go shopping with them (in case they aren’t usually that into shopping, find your inner Mephisto and covince them) look what they seem to like. Then, as soon as you found something ask innocent questoins like: “dO yoU WAnt Me tOo buY tHIs FoR yOU?” Seriously, don’t do that.
Do your friends have social media? Check what brands they’re following. (When they have pinterest, they probaly have a dream room board.)

opportunity II. inside jokes

Sometimes you allready have a gift but still you’re missing something. That little something that makes it special. That makes clear, that it was chosen with love. Now try to remember all these little moments that are beautyful and unique about your friendship. The Song you’re always singing along with. A quote you’re always laughing about. Find some keywords and give them to auntie Ecosia (you know what it is, right? Just like google but also way better). TADA! There it is, a necklace with the favourite coulour of your friend. The sticker with the quote. Anything.

opportuinity III. my ideas

I don’t know your friends but here some of my all time favourites to give: (unpaid advertisement –first wrote adviresment, ups)

opportuinity IV. asking them

just ask them lol.

Hope this articel inspired you see a little light at the end of the gifttunnel (it’s a word. I just created. But it is a word.)

P.S. Please ignore the cover.
P.P.S. Don’t forget to stay cozy!

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