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The Cozy Diary #1

September 1, 2019

I’ve never writen diary. Of course I tried to, because every normal bookcharacter has one, but I couldn’t make it. So this is NOT a diary in the classical way, like: “dear diary, today I’ve worn two different patterned socks” That shit won’t happen. Okayyyyy? Dokay. I also don’t know in what time intervalls I post tcd. What do you think about all two weeks? And I’ll talk about totally different things. Maybe I’ll talk someday about shoes. Or how to bookstagram. But today it’s about something, that is really, really important to me. It’s about living as a … a … (drum rull) … GILMORE GIRLS FANGIRL!!!!!!
Oy with the poodles allready – if that means something to you, you share the obsession with me. Do you? Some weird people like my lovely cousin, keep me asking what I have with this “dumm” series. Yes, he said this. Shall we kill him?
So I made a list (I’m a big fan of lists):

Why I Love Gilmore Girls (5 reasons in no particular order)

The first thing I love about GG is … oh my, I just love everything. I love the dialoges. I love the characters. I love Stars Hollow. I love how everything makes sence in this little cosmos of coffee. I love that bad things happen, but nothing that is too bad, like the end of the fucking world (haha, got it? Got it? TEOTFW is also one of my favourite series).

Why You Have (HAVE) To Watch It

Okay, I love it (just look one paragraph up). I guess that’s a very pausible reason to watch it, isn’t it? But if – for some very nonsensical reason – you aren’t completely convinced, read this list:

  1. They’re drinking coffee. Everytime and always. Always like: “Hey it’s 3 am, let’s have some coffee”. And that inspires me a lot and has nothing to do with my sleep disturbance. Nothing.
  2. Another big inspiration is Rory. I actually don’t try hard at all at school. That doesn’t mean I’m bad at school, but I could be way better. And Rory, she’s always trying her best.
  3. The song of the opening credits. Just listen to it and sing along to it. It’s awesome.
  4. If you can watch it with your mother, then watch it with your mother. Pleeeeaaaase! Big Siblings or best Friends are allowed, too. So, it’s very social to watch GG.

Stay cozy guys, Emily

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