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November 21, 2019

note: perfect according to me. ups.

Books you defintely should own (better then read)

  1. perks of being a walllflower
  2. the picture of dorian gray
  3. pride and prejeduice
  4. we are okay
  5. harry potter
  6. the white tiger
  7. bus 57
  8. peter pan
  9. the help
  10. dracula
  11. the fault in our stars
  12. gutzy girl
  13. the hate u give
  14. the serpent king
  15. frankenstein
  16. the lord of the rings
  17. the mortal instruments
  18. to all the boys i’ve loved before
  19. the penderwicks
  20. educated

And so many more I forgot …

Decoration (means plants)

Plant ladys (and gentlemans. And human beings who like plants) AHOI! I love all my green friends even if I’m not allways super kind to the them and sometimes forget to water them lol. BUT I NEVER KILLED ONE OF THEM! NEVER! REMEMBER THIS!

Sorting options (more then you may think)

  • colour /rainbow
    Pros: Aestetical pleasing (when you like coulours), nice rainbow shelfies for the gram
    Cons: You have to split series and genres, very colourful (I’m a beige babe)
  • ABC (authors)
    Pros: You have all your series and authors (obviously) together
    Cons: It may look ugly 🙂 There probaly won’t b any colour scheme, right?
  • Genres
    Pros: You can easely find your next read (e.g. when you want a Christmas Book you can just go to the christmas section and TADA!), you have all the series together
    Cons: Same like ABC
  • ABC (titles)
    Pros: I honestly don’t find anything good in this soooorry
    Cons: Can’t find you books, coulours are probaly not that cute together, all your series split 🙁
    Pros: I DO IT FOR THE AESTHETIC. (typical me)
    Cons: You can’t find your books 🙁

So don’t forget to water your poor plants and stay witchy!

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