The cozy kingdom’s guide to dark academia

February 27, 2020

recently I’ve been loving dark academia vibes and so I thought I’d maybe share that a little with you guys ☽
Please always remember that this is just my weird blog where I’m talking randomly about stuff and that I’m not saying you have to do something — everybody can be dark academic in their own unique way!
(just saying this since I got some really weird messages about how I can’t tell people what they got to do. of course I can’t. no one should. this is merely a suggestion.)

☞ literature

⭒ the secret history /Donna Tart
⭒ wuthering heights /Emily brontë (I didn’t actually liked this one but still …)
⭒ the chamber of secrets /J.K. Rowling
⭒ the picture of dorian gray /Oscar Wilde
⭒ the goldfinch /Donna Tartt (lol I wrote her name so often that my computer even offers
me Tartt when I just write Donna)
⭒ Orlando /Virginia Woolf
⭒ Achilles /Madelline miller

☞ staying active

⭒ star gazing
⭒ write poetry
⭒ go to the natural history museum
⭒ listen to old records
⭒ play the piano
⭒ go to the theatre
⭒ adopt a cat
⭒ study an ancient language (I have latin class since I’m in 5th grade and I still *suck*, but it’s fun)
⭒ go at a flee market
⭒ randomly recite shakespeare, Sappho or Oscar wilde
⭒ have a close circle of friends
⭒ be intelligent and show that to everybody
⭒ drink lots of tea
⭒ murder!!
⭒ take architecture photos with an old vintage camera you found at your favorite Antique shop
⭒ always carry a book with you
⭒ pressing flowers you found at one of your many walks outside
⭒ studying outside
⭒ candles and used teacups everywhere
⭒ spend way too much money and time at cafés

☞ watching

⭒ dead poets society (such a clichè but still lovely)
⭒ Colette
⭒ hidden figures
⭒ Sherlock
⭒ black swan
⭒ On the basis of sex
⭒ darkest hour

☞ wearing

⭒ turtlenecks (black /white)
⭒ tweed jackets (vintage!)
⭒ trenchcoat
⭒ glasses
⭒ Oxfords (docMartens has the most beautiful but they unfortunately don’t fit me)
⭒ plaid bottoms (beige/brown/black/dark red)

☞ listening

Click the link to start listening to an exquisite mix of my favorite artists, I consider DA
dark academia by tonks2016

So I hope this post inspired you to live your best dark academic life; but don’t limit yourself. …
Stay cosy,

hope you’re staying safe, brave and cosy,

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