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The Goldfinch /Donna Tart (another kind of review)

January 21, 2020

There’s a huge hype around this book what actually always makes me suspicious but woooooow! I totally get it now! Like omfps (oh my fucking potato salad) it’s just so HONEST AND GOOD AND SAD AND … let’s say it’s gorgeous. Like really, really gorgeous. Gorgeous like in I‘M IN LOVE WITH A BOOK AND I HOPE THAT DOESN‘T SOUND WEIRD BUT I WANT TO WRITE A CHEESY LOVESONG ABOUT. riiiiiggggght. Let’s get to the actual review which I decided to write as TEST!

I’d recommend this book to you when …

⋒ you’re interested in art +1
⋒ you’re tired of boring writing styles +3
⋒ you’re in the mood for a 784 pages thick book +2
⋒ you’re open for philosophical thoughts which you probably never forget +2
⋒ it’s okay for you to read long flashback passages (or you even prefer them) +3
⋒ you don’t give up when it gets a little boring +1
⋒ you’re okay with super emotional scenes +3
⋒ you’re in a good /stable mental health condition +5
⋒ you aren’t afraid of bad endings +3

total point score:

23 – 19: read. that. book.
18 – 14: you’re definitely gonna like it
13 – 9: depends on the mood
8 – 4: that book doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, huh?
3 – 0: well, maybe you should check out another of donna Tart’s books …

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