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November 15, 2019

… starts with a chai latte. I know, I know, don’t jugde me, of course it’s like THAT chliché but it’s so yummy! What shall I do? At least it’s vegan (oatly barista is da best).
Well, maybe you already assumed that I’m the kind of human that writes the longest to-do-lists and well: you were right . I do. And because I missed blogging, my stupid ass thought that I just could publish one of them. (“Hey creepy stalker, let me help you”). The best part of the week is the end, that’s no secret, but how do you really, like really, really enjoy it? I honestly don’t know either. But everythings starts with a good chai. After that (+a huge bowl of porrigde), I prefer to do something relaxing. Like reading. Then, as soon as I finished the book, I usually like to go outside. The problem is: It’s November, what means: IT’S COLD AS HELL (read Dante: the hell IS defintely cold) and ven if I have the warmest jacket and the cutest boots, I don’t really like cold. That means that I start to draw something crazy from this point on. (guys, crazy means crazy with me)

I’m pretty sure that I’ll get hungry soon. And yup, at 1 o’clock I’m probaly sitting in the kitchen again, eating dadmade curry and studying maths (we write a test on monday so keep your finger crost for your little blogger). Replace the curry with grapes and you know how the next few hours will look like. And then, my dear friends it’s time for … TAKING PHOTOS! BEST PART OF THE DAY!

At 6 o’clock it’s time to blog about the book I’ll have finished today (I hope it’s The picture of Dorian Gray). It will take about a half to only write the text, and then another 15 minutes to find all the informations, correct all the typos, add the categories & set the cover photo. The rest of the evening will be spend with Atypical and a new book …

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