what to do when you’re bored

December 20, 2019

first of all, I want to say, that boredom isn’t bad at all. I wouldn’t write this articel if i wasn’t bored.
it can make you creative and inspire you in a way that is absolutely unique–when you allow it …

Then, to lead you to the actual topic of this post, I want to write a list with the things I recommend the most when you’re completly bored.


That may sounds like a waste of time, but I love looking at a good moodboard, finding beautifull piczures and qoutes and thinking about photos you’ll nver take. So, no, for me it’s never a waste of time when Pinterest inspires me.

↠doing stuff you actually never find the time for

like this whole article. C’mon, tidy up your room. write this eassay. Start that blog. Cuddle that cat. Call your grandparents. Read war and peace. Watch pride and prejudice the 253673687453784799763498 time. Sign that petiotion. JUST DO IT. thanks.

↠ spotify

A thing that really helps me, is making *another* playlist. Pick your songs after mood. Create something you can listen to on lonely busrides and that makes your fell good.

↠ journaling

It is kinda relaxing to just doodle some bullshit into your bujo and add some dates afterwards. Also you do something that stays with you and will help you to manage your everyday life.


stop complaining and fucking read. You know, that thing you’re always talkin bout on da gram. (Emily’s practicing slang 2.0)

↠ baking

YAY! It’s CHRISTMAS TIME=IT’S COOKIE TIME (actually it’s always cookie time but … IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL *COOKIE* TIME!)
If you’re looking for inspiration there’s an amazing snocker doodle recipe on my blog :))


Human beings make life so intersting. Do you know, that in a universe full of wonders, they’ve managed to invent boredom.

— Terry Pratchett /Hogfather

I hope you liked this lil, boring post … have fun & enjoy your boredom, Emily

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