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why I didn’t like call me by your name

May 29, 2020

I hate doing this. Writing negative reviews isn’t fun. But I feel like there’s a lot to say about this movie, people have been ignoring.
we have to talk about it.
we have to talk about the fetishising of queer people — and in this case about the fetishising of gay men.
this movie has often been watched by straight white cisgender girls. Is there something wrong about that? No. Of course not. The problem is, that these people OFTEN (of course there are wonderful allies) wouldn’t watch the movie if it was a wlw (woman loving woman) story instead of a mlm (man loving man). Because that would be gross right?
it’s for the same reason why so many straight girls would like to have a “gay bff”. They’re fetishising them the same way straight men do it when they watch lesbian p*rn. Of course it’s not as sexualising but it’s still homophobic behavior.
it’s simply not okay.
Now you ask: how do you know this? Maybe we would?
no you wouldn’t. Because we have amazing wlw movies no one fucking cares about outside the lgbtqia+ community.
Don’t get me wrong here. How should you know about these movies when no one talks about them? How could you watch them if there aren’t at the mainstream streaming services?
So here I am. Talking about them.
And if you have Netflix there are good news for you! They very much show them!

  • the half of it ☞ a very artsy movie about three teenager searching for love and a brighter future in a small american village.
  • I’m not okay with this ☞ very touching action /superhero series by the makers of stranger things and TEOTFW about a young girl discovering her powers and her love for her bff
  • hannah gadsby: nanett ☞ a lesbian comedian talking about her struggles with gender, sexuality and art

my other problem about this movie was the age difference—elio was like 16 and Oliver is like 30 … well actually E. is seventeen and O. is 24 (actually Armie Hammer is born 1986 which makes him a 31 years old when the movie released in 2017 while our baby Timothée was born in 1995 what means he was 22 …) I don’t know… maybe make seven years no big difference when both are over 30 but dude! Elio is underage! You’re supposed to be a brother figure, not his boyfriend! That’s gross! And it feeds the stereotype of gay men as filthy pedophiles :((

well … at least we saw Timothée.
to say one other good thing about this movie: I loved how it was multilingual! Please do that again, just without the gross stuff.

also I can’t eat peaches anymore.
stay safe n cosy

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  • Reply Maevaeatsbooks May 29, 2020 at 12:08 pm


    I agree for the m/m. I don’t count myself in it cause I watch and enjoy w/w (and I always search for more so I wrote your recs). Like, I feel like lots of white straight girl are just too obsessed with it to an unhealthy extent ?

    I mean I personally LOVE the movie but not really for the romance ? Like CMBYN is SO MUCH more than a m/m movie or book. It is about Elio (my baby boy) finding himself and discovering truths bout himself and growing and having his first intense love. The emotions. I live for the emotions. And there’s also family topics.

    Plus, the movie like visually is amazing. The landscape THE ITALY VINTAGE CONTRYSIDE atmosphere. The summer feels. TIMOTHEE (okay he’s an amazing argument). The language (like as a French person I was so happy to hear French). I LOVE ALL THAT.


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