why Lolita isn’t a Lolita and other jokes

August 13, 2020

hey witchlings. I’m about to spill some tea here.
because I’m really really mad.
anyone here who didn’t read Lolita? there’ll be some spoilers …
lolita is a book by the gorgeous Vladimir Nabokov, following the story about the narrator Humbert Humbert and Lolita, the teenage daughter of his landlady Charlotte, who he marries, hoping to be closer to Dolores (Lolita). however, soon after the marriage, Charlotte dies in an accident, which leaves the manipulative Humbert alone with the devastated Lolita, who, still in shock can’t connect with her feelings and sadness which causes a general numbness.
and here are things getting interesting — I talked with my uncle (who’s a really cool dude and reads a lot) about it and you know what he said?
“well Lolita does seduce him, doesn’t she? in the first night in the hotel she’s the one to make a move?”
hell no.
here we have Lolita, a twelve year old child who just lost her only parent and there we have Humbert Humbert a pedophile author who now should be taking care of his stepdaughter which in this case would mean, considering he’s pedophile, leaving her the fuck alone.
what this is?
it is rape.
and when you say she seduced him that’s victim blaming.
children cannot give consent.
no matter the situation but definitely when they’re emotionally at their end.
interesting right? what happened that a progressive, thoughtful man as my uncle is thinks this way?
I think I know why:


  1. a sexually precocious young girl.

that is what comes up when you google Lolita definition.
and that is the problem.
we, as society, blame Lolita for the violence that happened to her.
we say: she knew.
we say: she seduced him.
we say: she was too naive.
we say: she should have said no.
instead of: he shouldn’t have.
instead of: he should have gone to therapy.
instead of blaming him we took her.
and that, my dear readers, is our society.
we rather tell the victim it was their fault, than drawing consequences for the actual aggressor.
so every time you roll eyes at that girl with the heartshapped sunglasses and the lollipop, calling’s her a Lolita, you do your part in preserving a victim blaming society.

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